Tazewell County Firefighters Association


Since 1984, the Tazewell County Firefighters Association/MABAS 42 has hosted a firefighter training school. Departments from throughout Tazewell County, the neighboring counties, and even far beyond have benefited from this unique training opportunity. We have been able to provide education to 70 different departments throughout the state in the last five years alone and are the largest county-sponsored firefighter training school in the state of Illinois.

We would not exist at all were it not for Mr. Paul Lukavich from the Washington Fire Department who started it all way back at the beginning. Paul felt that it was important to have training available to all firefighters and put in countless hours each year coordinating all the pieces to make the school happen.

Unfortunately, Paul passed away in 2009, but we are proud to continue his work of organizing the school and offering training to the firefighters of Central Illinois.

Paul used to start the morning announcements each day with his famous rooster call, and we honor his memory by featuring the rooster as the center of our logo.